The Trench

Seth Tyler has always known that his family is different. His parents stockpile weapons, move from place to place without forewarning, and use thinly-veiled code words when talking about the evil that stalks them. But Seth is still in the dark about who they really are, what they’re running from, and what his role in their unusual life will end up being. The answers Seth seeks end up costing him more than he ever imagined.

After his grandfather and father succumb to the vicious attacks of their enemies, and his mother, Lil, is seriously wounded, Seth sets out to save her and find the truth about his family’s past. This quest soon takes an unexpected turn when a misstep drops him into a primitive underworld, where Seth must fight for his life—and for the answers he has sought for so long.

Seth soon learns that the Trench, a land peopled by strange creatures and a variety of gifted humans, is the birthplace of his parents, and that a race called the Volve scheme to control and enslave the free people of the Trench. They will stop at nothing to assassinate his mother, the descendant of the queen, who is the only one able to thwart the evil plans of the Volve. But the citizens of the Trench sense that there is more to Seth, their savior’s unforeseen male descendant, than meets the eye.

With the help of his faithful dog, a mysterious companion, and a growing crew of warriors, adventurers, and fast friends, Seth begins an epic journey in search of his mother’s cure and, in turn, the key to saving the Trench from the most perilous threat it’s ever encountered.

The key to saving the Trench from the most perilous threat it’s ever encountered.